Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas In Boone Part II

No more cult-talk, I promise!

So we’re having a lovely dinner – homemade spaghetti sauces, Italian salads, fresh mushrooms sautéed in wine, the works. The evening is filled with laughter and friendship with our friends from Boone and Ohio … the atmosphere is warm and inviting … the gourmet kitchen is overflowing with the smell of fresh baked breads and apple pie … a breathtakingly beautiful home and the view outdoors is like living a fantasy … we’ve taken the tour of the custom built, three level structure … Christmas carols set the mood ... presents surround the …


Bill and Margie didn’t have a Christmas tree! What’s up with that? They live in the Christmas tree capital of the world! North Carolina fir trees are the best and most beautiful trees around! They ship these trees all over the country. On our way to Boone, every other car had a tree on top or in the trunk! But noooo, not our affluent friends … they had a fiber-optic Charlie Brown tree, crooked, and two feet tall. In a room with 21 foot beamed ceilings!

We’ll never let them live it down.

Take a look. And if you're wondering why there's a monkey in our Christmas pictures (instead of manger scene or a stuffed reindeer)--that’s Circus. Circus monkey is in pictures from the past ten years of vacations and holidays. No gathering would be complete without a picture of Circus. Quite Christmassy, don’t you think?

I mean, how do we know there wasn’t a monkey swinging from the rafters in the Inn? Maybe he ended up in the stall and was the first to see Jesus. I mean, they do have monkeys in that part of the world. Maybe a monkey rode with one of the three wise men, or quite possibly … Joseph and Mary had a pet monkey! I know the scriptures don’t mention it, but monkeys are God’s creatures, aren’t they? Maybe baby Jesus received a monkey from a fourth wise man or somebody like that? It could happen. Sure. Why not? I mean the scriptures don’t tell us every little thing that happened. I can see a monkey in there somewhere … absolutely.

In that case, Circus is very much a part of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Circus!

Needless to say … we had a wonderful time in Boone!

Blessings to you and yours.

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