Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Groaning and Griping

It's winter. A season a gripes and groans.

I'm griping because school systems in the South tend to think they need to close at the very thought of a patch of ice on the road and a dozen snowflakes. Can you imagine? They closed the schools here today. By noon the temperatures were in the high 50s with sun-filled skies. The roads had been dry all day. A patient called me before I left for the day, informing me she might not be able to make it in for her early morning appointment "due to snow."

These folks need to live a month in Cleveland. Northern folk seldom, if ever, close their schools for a whole dang day due to snow. Those of us who live in the South, yet have spent a period of our childhood in the Snowbelt, laugh at the spooked Southerners and their fear of bad weather.

I'm groaning at the cold. Despite the fact my blood has thinned from this milder climate, I still hate cold weather. Even North Carolina cold. I'm ready for robins and daffodils. Trees with buds and sultry breezes across my back porch. I want to wear my flip-flops. Open the doors in the morning and feel the sun on my face. My heart yearns for green grass, coffee on the deck, the neighbors rooster to crow again.

I guess I'll just groan and gripe all the way to Spring.

Blessings to you and yours. Stay warm!