Monday, September 12, 2005

A Great and Funny Blog - Sunday - I'm A Woman Now

I remember the days of the 3 inchers. You wear sneakers to walk the mile into work, then another quarter mile to your office after entering the building. Should you forget to wear your sneakers, you either pull your nylons off in the car to walk barefoot into the office, or drive back home and call off sick. The pain isn't worth it.

Upon getting to your desk, you pull off your comfy Reeboks, socks, adjust the toes of your pantyhose, then slip into your pretty stilettos. They smile up at you just waiting to sabotage your day. As long as you're sitting, you're fine. You walk to the copier, make coffee, stop for a quick chat with a co-worker. So far, so good. But after ten minutes of standing in your Director's office you're reaching for the chair in front of his desk. Later, you can manage a trip to the restroom because sitting on the toilet gives your feet a brief rest.

After a morning of heavy computer work at your desk, you brave the thought of pain and head for the cafeteria downstairs. You make a quick pass for an apple, a tuna sandwich, and hope the checkout line isn't too long. Then you quickly rush for the elevator. By this time, your bunion, corn, and ingrown toenails are screaming.

"Pretty shoes," says a co-worker.

"Thanks," you say as you're shifting your weight from one leg to the other.


"The most comfy shoes in my closet." Liar. (By this time you're biting the inside of your mouth and squeezing your butt cheeks together the pain is so intense.)

You wobble back to your desk and under it's cover kick off your shoes, cuss, and go barefoot the rest of the afternoon.

Yes, those were the days. I laugh at Carrie Bradshaw wearing her four hundred dollar stilettos around New York City. Of course, it helps if you weigh 90 pounds and are getting paid a million bucks to do it.

Nowadays, my shoe collection is different shades of flip flops. Or bare feet.

I'm sure my friend Dena will be abosolutely gorgeous in her new shoes! As long as she doesn't have to walk to far. :-)

Blessings to you and yours.

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