Friday, September 22, 2006


Speaking to book clubs at the library this week, I found myself falling in love with the writing process all over again ... anxious to get home to work. Not the work that involves marketing, emails, answering phone calls, and mailing out press kits ... just writing.

The creative process, as I explained to a group of senior women, is not a learned process necessarily. It's a talent. One that is cultivated over years of sowing the imagination onto paper and reaping an eventual harvest of story. Certainly much of the craft of writing is learned but stories in written form must hold the attention of the reader in such a way that a memory is created. The reader's brain senses, I must remember this book. All the great marketing strategy in the world cannot replace a great story. But then again ... you can write the next Pulitzer Prize, but if there's no one out there promoting it on a regular basis ... it's not going anywhere either.

The answer is balance. That plus raw talent, unique voice, commitment, passion and pure luck.

On another note ... I saw the Diary of Anne Frank this week with my writing buddy, Dena, at the Triad Stage. I was transported, at times, to the annex. The actor who played Anne Frank was incredible. She looked amazingly like her. Her skill at making us believe we were there ... haunted me for days. The ending you ask?

The ending blew me away. Bravo! I say to the cast and crew. Bravo!

A well written play ....

I suppose it's quite the same in writing an unforgettable play as writing an unforgettable novel ... you have to tell an unforgettable story.

Blessings to you and yours.

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