Tuesday, September 19, 2006

God Forbid

Okay ... so there's a church in my area that won't allow me to come give my inspirational speech. They don't want to hear it because I'm not part of organized religion anywhere and my book has a few "choice" words throughout for the sake of reality. (Refer to Monday, August 21st blog.)

But then I receive an email from this good friend of mine ... a friend I dearly love ... a friend who's funny, witty, and often has a great joke to tell. This friend is a born again Christian. The friend loves the church they attend. They sing in the choir and take the scriptures quite literally. But, as I said, the other day Michael and I received an email from this friend ... another joke. And though it was really funny, it had some explicit words in it. I don't remember exactly--something about a hillbilly and his testicles.

And then I noticed ... this friend had sent the same joke to many friends ... friends within the church -- I'm sure.

So ... I suppose it's okay to send off-color jokes through email as long as it's not in church. But God forbid I come into their church, deliver a moving and uplifting speech with a Christian message to their congregation, donate a percentage of my book sales to their outreach program, and sell my book.

God forbid.

Blessings to you and yours.

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