Friday, September 29, 2006

Head Colds and Public Speaking

I have a cold. But it doesn't matter, I have to show up. Last night I spoke to a great group at Shakespeare & Co., independent bookstore, in Kernersville, NC. I was a bit concerned as the sky opened up about the time we backed out of our garage. People in North Carolina typically don't like to get out in any kind of weather. If it rains even a little, it might as well be five feet of snow. Folks just stay indoors around here. Go figure. Growing up around lots of snow for six months of the year, that just doesn't compute with me.

Anyway ... I was surprised to see a nearly full house arrive to hear me speak. Many offered great comments about the the stories in Southern Fried Women and I could tell from the questions, this group not only read the book, the were interested in the history of the stories.

I've been fighting this bad head cold all week, so by the end of the evening my voice was about gone, but I loved every minute of it. My favorite thing in life, at the moment, is talking about my stories to those who want to know the details about them.

This morning I'm heading over to have coffee with my friend, Lisa ... I'm hoping a good dose of laughter and strong coffee will help me feel better ... this cold is dragging on too long. This afternoon I'm speaking to yet another group at a Senior Citizen establishment ... and I need to feel better. I just won't breathe in their direction.

Blessings to you and yours.

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