Monday, January 23, 2006

The South And Its Signs

They crack me up! The signage in the town I live in is sometimes cute and sweet, as well as silly and full of bad grammar. Of course, if you live in the Bible belt, every corner church tries to outdo the next one with their “front porch” signs … in an attempt to make you think about the condition of your soul.

But the signs that never fail to catch my eye … the signs that make me laugh, are those that mix advertising their good food with religion. A couple months ago, a local eatery in my town said, “Praise the Lord, Brunswick Stew is back!”

Made me want to march right in there and order
myself a big ole’ bowl of Brunswick stew!

A local barbeque place uses a pig as it’s mascot and on much of its signage (which makes sense … pigs and barbeque, right?) But it also sells T-shirts with that cute, fat, pig on the front. And what do you think it says on the T-shirt?

Come eat the best barbeque in the state! Nope – guess again. Barbeque-R-Us? Not even close.

The T-shirt with the smiling pig reads … Jesus is Lord.

I’m not kidding. I haven’t decided if its sacrilegious or just the owner of a barbeque that flat out loves Jesus and isn’t afraid to tell the world how he feels.

Here are two local signs you’ll find interesting. The places are within a few miles of my house … I swear.


Blessings to you and yours.

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dena said...

"I'll take an Egg McMuffin and 3 Hail Mary's to go." Crack me up!