Thursday, January 04, 2007

Scared Religion

Yesterday’s blog about Pat Robertson got me all riled up. I had coffee with friends Lisa and Brenda at lunch yesterday and they agreed … What happened to Joy, Peace, and Love … the message of Christianity? Why is it that these holier than thou TV preachers think the fear and condemnation message is going to push us all into heaven?

I doubt I’ll ever be part of an organized church service again. Although I know there are many, many wonderful people who worship together without scared religion shoved down their throat. And really, that’s awesome. But for me? It’s like any abusive relationship … once you’re set free from it, it’s not something you ever want near again.

I raised my children in Sunday school … in a “perfect” church. The damage that was done to them because of it … I won’t post here. My friend, Lisa, can tell you horror stories of her childhood living with religious fanatics as parents. (Catholics don’t have the corner on this one anymore.)

My message to evangelicals everywhere … The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Not all people who love God are Republicans. Some are Democrats. Some are liberals, as well as conservatives. Some no religious or political affiliation at all. God … is NOT a “respecter of persons.”

If you are a believer, then think real good, long, and hard about the life that Christ led … he lived in and among the destitute, the down and out, the prostitutes, and the vilest of men. He turned water into wine. The real stuff; not Welch’s grape juice. He danced, he drank, and he had fun. He laughed, and he loved, and he lived in and among all types of men and women. And though he preached against sin, he knew we could never live free from it.

I can see some heads shaking. Most of the people I used to hang around with can’t buy it. In their minds, they must live free from sin. I know someone who attends a church that preaches that message. That sin can’t enter into heaven. This woman has pulled away from life. She’s so heavenly minded she’s no earthly good. And frankly, I don’t care to argue about it. It just upsets me when folks are thrown into a life of fear using this philosophy.

I found peace of mind a long time ago and learned to live free from fear. I’m fearless in oh, so many areas of my life. And I learned how to love unconditionally, and stop judging, and to say thank you. To everyone. I’m tolerant; I have friends who are different than me in every way. I have friends who are Republicans, Democrats, are of every nationality and race, rich, poor, homosexual, smart, mentally challenged, churchgoer or not … unless one is cruel/criminal/and just a plain jerk ... how does one draw a line when reaching out and being a friend to your fellow man?

I love to drink wine, and dance, and play cards, and go to movies, and I occasionally let a “damn, shit, fuck, and hell” slip out … I’m NOT perfect.

It’s a non-evangelical life … but it fits me fine. And (giggle) above everything else, I know without a doubt … my child-like faith believes that Jesus still Loves Me.

Scared religion, we’ll find someday that it needs to be studied by psychiatrists to get a handle on the damage it’s created. In the meantime … I’ll laugh when my friend Dena calls God a “she” and my friend Lisa refers to religious zealots as “Shundi’s.” I’m bettin’ God has a sense of humor.

Otherwise, He would’ve made us in the image of Pat Robertson.

Blessings to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

What Pat Roberson has to say used to upset me but I've quit paying attention. I guess he feels the same about me because he refuses to answer my e-mails anymore. The man is a crack-pot.

Dena said...

My favorite bumper sticker:
"God is coming and she is PISSED."