Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lofty Goals

Yes, it's a new year. Time for "resolutions." bla bla bla bla bla. After all these years, you'd think I'd learn how to stick to at least one of them. Well, (giggle) I did.

Last year, I resolved to publish my first book. And damn, I did it. "We" did it, Michael and I. This year, today, I've "upped the stakes."

In 2007, I'm turning inward, as well. I'm going to get healthy. Writing, I'm afraid, can be hazardous to your health. Sitting all day ... well, you can imagine the damage and the toll it's taken on my health (which spills into every other area of your life, unfortunately.) Do I still believe in my December 15th blog of Holiday Eating Tips? You bet I do. Life is not a rigid boot camp of do it or else! It's realizing that having fun is one thing, but getting down to business is quite another. And the thing is, my friends and family have all seen me "lose weight." (Many, many, oh God, many times.) But they've NEVER seen me "get healthy."

It's time.

My life, at this stage, has got to change physically and I believe in saying that publicly ... the other wonderful changes will follow.

Is this, yet another resolution? Maybe. Not really, but my friend, Dena, is right. What better time than the first of a new year to wipe the slate clean and give it all you got. Whether it's to quit smoking, or loose weight, or get healthy, or clean up your debt, or remodel the kitchen, or go back to school, or sell your house ... whatever the goal is for your year ... resolve now to head in the direction of your dream. Today. Not January 15th. Not wait until Valentine's Day. NOW.

I did it last year. And that, my friends, has given me all the incentive I need to set my feet on the next path ... the path to wellness.

Because God knows I'll need it ... TELEVENGE is just around the corner. My novel is in the final stages ... by the end of the year, I want a deal in hand. Why not? Lofty? Hell, yeah it's lofty. It's been 15 years in the making ... is there a stronger word than lofty? Because that's it.

There you have it ... Portion control ... less sugar ... treadmill, weights, and yoga ... and finish the novel.

I shall return to this blog page on December 31, 2007 ... and either eat my words or write them on a medal and pin it to my chest.

We shall see.

Blessings this new year, to you and yours.

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