Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Conquering Demons

I might as well spill it here. I've yo-yo'ed my weight, continually, for the past ... oh, I don't know, since I was born? But size was never a problem as a child, teen, or young adult. Always within normal ranges. Skinny, in fact. But life happens and it changes things. Two 10 pound babies, divorce, living in dumpy apartments, no money, junk cars ... you know ... life. Anyway, instead of turning to alcohol and drugs ... I injested plenty of Dove Bars and Pizzas. Work consisted of desk jobs, for the most part. I'd eventually look at myself in the mirror, cry, then go on the next fad diet. And if you've read my blog, you know ... I've tried them all.

I've been every size. My closet ranges from size 8 to size 28. But now ... things are different. I'm (ahem) older. It's my health, more than my dress size, that I'm most concerned about. It's time to stop the maddness, forget the scales, and find wellness.

After years of sitting and writing, it's taken its toll ... not only on my backside, but on my insides.

Time to change the tide.

As of Jan. 2nd of this new year, Michael and I stripped our house of every bad food. Believe me, we know what NOT to eat. We restocked our shelves and began to eat to live.

It's been almost three weeks. I'm feeling better, and though we may never be skinny again, we're going to be healthy. If weight loss is a result of it, fine. But I want to live long enough to see a few goals come to pass. That means I need to get healthy.

So say a prayer ... this is no diet. This is a life changing experience for both of us. We're students of Bob Greene and Dr. Oz these days. Oprah has always been my mentor ... as we are so much the same ... born the same year, we've struggled with weight all our adult lives.

I'll NEVER go on another diet. But I WILL change my health. I'm in training to walk a half-marathon in Kiawah Island this December. If I can do that, I will have conquered my demons.

Blessings to you and yours.


dena said...

You can DO it! I can't wait for us to conquer Kiawah together--think of the blog entries we'll have!

I admire you--I admit to still being caught up in the "I weigh WHAT?" drama. But I've also made great strides. It took me twenty years to realize I'd never be a tall, leggy blonde--some dreams die hard. These days, I'm after the body and health of an athlete. I want to FEEL strong and know I can handle whatever physical challenge comes my way.

Look out world--here comes Dena and Pam!

Anonymous said...
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