Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lightbulb Moments

I sat on a panel of new authors this past Thursday evening at Barnes & Noble in Greensboro. An eclectic group of 2 men and 2 women ... all small press or self-published. The audience of over 40 was also a mixed bag of old and young. They smiled and nodded as I stood and talked about SOUTHERN FRIED WOMEN and read from its pages, many if not most related to my words. They've lived it at some point--Or a part of it--Have known someone like my character--Something in my words brought back a memory of a person or time they had experienced.

That's the amazing thing with writing. You find out there are so many folks like you that just can't put it into words, so when they hear yours ... it's a lightbulb moment.

You know the cartoons when a character suddenly has an idea, or is enlightened, or remembers something, the artist often draws a little glowing lightbulb over their head. I call these ... lightbulb moments. We've all experienced a few. Isn't it a great feeling? When doubts are suddenly believed. A problem gets worked out. A confusion is made clear.

I look forward to lightbulb moments all year long. And I love to see others in the midst of one. Reading from my story, Vernell Paskins, Mobile Home Queen there were many lightbulb moments over the heads of the audience. As a writer, it's a thrill to give that to another person. Especially a whole group of them. It's a gift from the author to the listener or reader.

In life, there are many lightbulb moments. Some we share, some we hide away and ponder. Some important, some fleeting. My point is ... occasionally, when you experience this kind of revelation, no matter how fleeting or in depth it may be ... take the time to write it down. Go back and read them at the end of the year. Many times these moments are "divinely" inspired or a section of your brain has come alive.

For me ... it added depth to my novel in certain chapters and created another short story idea.

And the other reason to write them down, is because as soon as you've had one of these moments, many times they're like a dream ... they blow right out of your head and it's gone forever.

So keep you lightbulb moments recorded this year. See what flicks itself on in your head. Could be an interesting revelation about you.

Blessings you to and yours.

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Anonymous said...

40 people? That's HUGE. B&N did excellent work advertising the event. Glad you had a packed house.