Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Does God Make New Year Resolutions?

Silly question, maybe. But in the hopes that He does, I would like to suggest He do something about the televangelists/psychics in this country that predict mass destruction. Have you heard that one, yet? Seems like televangelist/psychic/politician Pat Robertson has predicted millions will die in the U.S. at the end of 2007 due to a terrorist attack of some kind. That "God told him." Robertson's "track record" has been hit and miss on predictions, the article says.

Let me clue you in, Pat. If God really spoke to you, your predictions wouldn't be "hit and miss." God don't miss.

I'm personally fed up with guys like this. I've dealt with these people all my life. They're dangerous. So if God does make resolutions, please God ... tell Pat if he doesn't stop with the stupid predictions that gets the billions of evangelicals all stirred up (enter Y2K memories) You predict he may end up preaching in a small town in the South, where most of the congregation has never heard of him, fewer still care that he's been on TV, he ends up eating chicken every Sunday at some redneck's house and gets the wishbone stuck in his throat!

Believe me, Pat. If millions die in the U.S., it won't be at the hand of man. You should know your Bible better than that.

I usually don't get political on my blog ... let alone name people. But this one, frankly, pissed me off and excited me at the same time. Why? TELEVENGE, the novel. Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Okay ... I'm done. This New Year is going to, I PREDICT ... erupt into a wonderful new year for so many promising writers. I know several writer friends that have amazing books and projects ready for publication and notoriety. Carol, Ed, Dena, Lisa ... all friends with writing projects worthy to be noticed!

Speaking of Dena, I have to say our NEW YEAR'S EVE party at her house in Madison, ROCKED! Small and intimate, Dena and I cooked all day. Her apple pie turned out wonderful and her spaghetti sauce ... mmm ... magnificent. I really must say, Blair can certainly throw a party; his spread of food and drinks for our little party was yum! Michael and I spent the night at the Dena and Blair Bed & Breakfast and woke to coffee and leftover coconut/walnut cake for breakfast! Ahh ... it doesn't get any better than that. I'm hoping next New Year's Eve is a repeat!

And I have one last resolution to make this New Year. I resolve to buy some real estate in 2007. Michael and I want land. Have always wanted land. So ... with any luck and barring any terrorist attack, we'll be on the lookout for our own piece of earth this year.

Here's to your happy, healthy, and prosperous year. Whatever you do, don't let the likes of men like Pat Robertson upset your outlook on a better year. God is still a God of grace and mercy ... I suppose that's why Pat is still out there making his stupid predictions.

Does God make resolutions? Nobody knows, but I'm hoping He reads my blog.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Dena said...

God spoke to me last night (interestingly, after I'd polished off a plate of spaghetti, apple pie, and 4 cups of coffee...)and he wants me to share his message with the world. So here goes:

1. God is a woman. Stop referring to her as "he,"'re pissing her off.

2. It was revealed to me through the Lord that Pat Robertson is a moron. Please work to spread this gospel truth.

3. Hell is not our eternal punishment. In fact, our punishment is right here on earth in the form that everything that tastes good is bad for our health. God knows how to hit it home...

4. Cats will one day rule the world. Start sucking up now.

I'll let you know if SHE reveals more to me... I plan to eat a 12-inch sub later and feel sure additional truths shall be revealed...