Thursday, August 17, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

When I started this Journey back a few years ago ... I wished for so many things I think all writers wish for. A certain amount of success, to be published, go on a book tour ... not realizing that what seemed so far away then, so dreamy in its infant wish-like state, would one day be reality. At least to a small degree.

In building my platform, the reality is ... there's much to consider when wishing for dreams like this. Juggling a schedule, finding time for everyone, trying to make everybody happy, and the cost involved in getting to where you're scheduled to be.

I chose, early on, to get out there and promote my work. To network and to believe in my message to my readers and to the many writers I come in contact with. I talk to many groups about publishing and networking ... but I think we need to come up with solutions of how to handle time factors. Or rather ... never enough time factors. The biggest being ... Where do I find time to write, edit, and publish my next book if I'm working my publicity machine?

But, alas ... I am a storyteller. And the true reality of it all is, if you want your stories to be heard, you have to "tell" them. Writing them down and then telling the world about them is all part of it.

Still ... it can be overwhelming at times. Balance ... I wish for balance!

Ah, well ... until I find that level of perfection that some circles of religious zealots claim to have achieved, I suppose I'll make a few mistakes, errors in judgment, bad choices, and be a big goof from time to time.

But in the meantime ... I will be thankful. Because everyday I wake up and I realize I'm NOT a perfect person, I wish for forgiveness, I wish for people to see my humility, and I wish for less struggle and always a full, receptive, and open audience like the ones I've had this week. That was one wish I'm so happy I wished for.

I wish you peace today. And love. Lots of love.

Blessings to you and yours.

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