Thursday, November 17, 2005

Are You Ready For TELEVENGE?

It’s going from a buzz to a roar, I can hear it in the distance … like the rolling thunder before the storm.

It’s an everyday occurrence now. When I'm out in public, it's inevitable ... "When will TELEVENGE be published?" Anyone who knows me, who has heard of the book, it’s the first question out of their mouth.

I met a new friend yesterday. We sat and talked about our past religious lives. And I was asked, “Where do you stand with God, now?” A question many are wondering as they get to know me.

Not an unusual question, once you’ve been exposed to my upcoming novel, TELEVENGE. When one hears it’s about the dark side of televangelism, the first thing I’m often asked, “Is there a light side to televangelism?” (Tongue in cheek…) Then some suspect it’s a book about “pastor bashing.” That possibly it’s about a conversion to atheism. Or some preachy piece of prose.

Not at all.

But I will say TELEVENGE forces you to think real hard about your own church, your pastor and his authority, your own religious convictions, your own beliefs, and just what is God all about. It’ll make you wonder who among us is the ultimate authority on God. Who really knows Him best, and what does God really want from us. And if you don't go to church, it's still a thrilling ride and a view into the world of those who do.

And yet, it’s not a book about religion, or a religious book. I doubt it will be found easily in Christian Bookstores, for instance. But, I could be wrong … they may want it, after all. Mess with people’s beliefs and you’ll sell books.

No matter how you hold it, look at it, review it … it’s still a work of fiction, characters of my imagination that have taken on a life of their own and through the magic of storytelling, tell their own story.

But writers write what they know, don't they?

Read Tuesday, October 11th in this blog. Out Of The Dark … it’s a good explanation … of where I am now in the religious stream.

A couple weeks ago, I was asked by the Director of Religious Studies at Warren Wilson College, “Where do you stand with God?” In other words, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t asking an atheist or agnostic to come speak to her students.

My answer was, “My faith has never wavered, Ma’am … I am still and always a woman of faith.”

Then what was my purpose to write a book like TELEVENGE?

I suppose you can answer that for yourself after you read it. If you still need to ask that question after you read it, I’ll be happy to answer you in person.

Blessings to you and yours.

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