Friday, June 01, 2007

Looking Back

Today is a special day. An anniversary. One year ago today, I launched Southern Fried Women. I can only say that it's been a big, fat, whale of a ride! I've no intention to get off this roller coaster. Not yet.

The book has sold well. And of course, most books have been sold at the back of board rooms, conference rooms, lunch rooms, and ball rooms. In restaurants, book fairs, banquet halls, country clubs, beauty shops, gift stores, town halls, cultural centers, festivals, and one library and book store after another. I believe I'm well into my second printing, having sold nearly 3,000 copies to date. That's a right smart many for a first book with no backing from a major publisher.

I'm thankful for my readers, my friends, and my family who have spread the word and supported my efforts every step of the way. It's a wonderful thing when you see book clubs, women's groups, and church circles reading and discussing the book. When people sit and read you their favorite lines aloud. When you overhear folks talk about your book, not aware you're there, and tell how it touched them. I was moved to tears when one of the stories was used at a funeral last year as a way to lift the spirits of the mourners.

The reviews, the award nominations, the many First Ladies of the South who have written to me and loved the book, I've been truly blown away by the response.

And yet, for all the hard work, the hundred and sixty-some appearances, the weeks of traveling, I still feel I'm at the threshold. Just at the beginning. A constant nag to get the next book in print bites at my heels every day. So for all the success I experienced in the past year, there's another door waiting to be opened.

Radio is on the horizon, and more touring. Workshops in churches, more corporate speaking events, and opportunities to speak are just around the corner. We're working on a blitz and hope to see it come to fruition in the near future.

After the novel ... who knows? More touring ... and ... start on the next book. What else.

Looking back, there isn't anything I'd do different. So I take what I've learned and run my race. No more time for looking back.

Only forward.

Blessings to you and yours.

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