Friday, June 22, 2007

Andrew Christopher Cable

I can't stop crying. Go to and click on slide shows!

I wish for one moment you could have experienced what I did in the wee hours of the morning. It ranks as one of the most precious moments of my life. Besides the now distant memories of holding my own babies for the first time, I experienced the complete joy of becoming a grandmother for the first time at about 1 a.m.

Andrew Christopher Cable has come into our lives in a mighty big way. He has left his mark upon our hearts and our minds, forever to be chronicled by his host of grandparents, especially his picture-taking Grampy Cable. Michael and I arrived at the hospital yesterday morning, hoping to have this whole procedure wrapped up by dinnertime. He sure showed us who's boss.

My daughter-in-law, jovial and elated to be finally in the hospital, prepared for childbirth. At first, Nicole was her old self, smiling and laughing ... like any other normal day. But soon, the drip into her hand found the walls of her uterus and began to squeeze. I watched closely as she grew quiet and felt the first pains of true labor. They had also broken her water and the laughing suddenly stopped. In the beginning she was opposed to the epidural, not wanting to have that needle shoved into her spine. But contractions, being what they are, were no kinder to her than they have been to the millions of other women who have given birth.

It wasn't long and we were calling for drugs. Lots of calming, soothing drugs. Ahhhh.

Nicole quickly became her old self for the duration of moving her cervix through the stages of dilation. Long about six p.m., her doctor decided she was ready to push. She pushed, pushed, pushed, and pushed some more. Of course, the only folks in the room with her was her mother and Christopher, while Michael and I wandered the halls of Women's Hospital searching for the most comfortable waiting room with the least amount of people.

At about 9:30 p.m., the wonderful staff at Women's wheeled her into surgery for a C section. Little Nicole couldn't pop that Cable-baby head out of her tiny body no matter how hard and long she pushed. Everybody now exhausted, it broke my heart to see her mother who had been such a trooper, standing by her daughter for the past three weeks, join us in the waiting room. A moment of well-deserved tears for Betsy.

Time passed on the lips of prayers and more waiting in the bowels of the hospital. The summer solstice was kind as the sun held out on its longest day, shining through the windows of the Carolina hospital way into the evening. A special day in which to be born.

Michael began pacing. Up and down the halls with his cameras in hand and slung onto his back. Soon Betsy and I heard a tap on the windows ... "Come see! He's here!" There stood Christopher with his son in his arms. A smile from ear to ear, all his Christmas's rolled into one, his eyes lit up like nothing I've ever seen. Nothing. It has burned a spot into my memory.

I have to say at that moment so much went through my head. Unfortunately, Michael and I marrying later in life, did not have children together. We have a blended family, but when we meet people and there's no reason to go into the fact that we're a blended family, we just say (when asked) we have three children. Two sons and a daughter. We have NEVER said, 'Michael has a son and I have a son and daughter.' We lump our kids together, because to us a family is a family is a family. Our love for our children knows no boundaries. Michael and I don't get all hung up in whose blood runs through their veins.

My point is, though I know there's not a drop of my blood in that little boy's veins, he is still my grandson. I assure you. I've never experienced the true joy of watching a man become a father until last night. It was a brand new experience for me! I have a whole new respect for my step-son. He was precious toward his wife from the moment she conceived, like so many men are when their wives become pregnant. But yesterday ... Christopher's attention toward Nicole blew my socks off. We're a touchy-feely family anyway, but watching this man's love for his wife, as far as I'm concerned, was like winning the Pulitzer Prize.

I can't stop crying. I'm at a loss for words ... how do you write about that kind of love?

We waited until 1 in the morning to see Nicole. Finally, they wheeled her into her room and within minutes her baby was in her arms for the first time. I was there. I saw it. I was blessed to see that moment in one woman's life. It was a privilege not to be taken lightly. Chris walked over to his son's bed, and lifted him, ever so carefully, then walked over to Nicole's bed. I held back. I didn't want to touch the baby. Not yet. It hit me strong, the next person to touch him should be his mommy. Then his maternal grammy, then his grandpy, and then ... if I got lucky ... me.

I got lucky. For a minute I held that beautiful bundle of boy in my arms thinking ... I'll be in my 70s when he graduates from high school! What a thought! But then, I looked at Nicole who had managed to find some level of comfort in her bed. Her eyes told me she needed to hold her son. I laid him in her arms. Her voice to her son was the breath of God ... the tender way in which my step-son bent over his new son and kissed him was the touch of God.

Think what you want. I may be a gushy mess this morning ... but until you experience moments like that in the wee hours of the morning ... you can't judge me. I'm looking forward to the next grandchild, from any of our three children. Makes me no difference. In fact, I'd like a dozen grandchildren, thank you very much. Each will be a an experience unlike the one before it. And no less beautiful and special. Intense with what Michael and I have created together ... a family. We love you baby Drew.

I can't stop crying.

Life goes on.

Blessings to you and yours.

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