Friday, June 15, 2007

The Men In My Life

It's almost Father's day. I think about my own dad. His skilled hands, his love of working with wood. So much like a carpenter from thousands of years ago. I think about today's new crop of fathers. If they only knew how important their role was. If they only knew they carry with them the example of God to their children. It's the way many of us truly learned about God.

As writers write what they know, you will hear my thoughts about my dad come out in the following excerpt:

This is from my novel, Televenge. ... Andie’s daddy rewired his entire house, remodeled every room, and poured a ton of concrete around the old two-story colonial. Bud laid his own carpet, replaced plumbing, and if the TV, lawnmower, or carburetor broke, he fixed it. He could do anything. Andie wanted a husband just like him. She often thought if the Heavenly Father was anything like her earthly father, then the world was in luck.

Fathers, you are daddy-God to your children. It's an awesome responsibility. And a privileged one.

Today is Michael's birthday. (Happy Birthday, sweetie. You're No. 1!) It's actually ... a very special weekend. As well as Father's Day on Sunday, at any moment now, we're expecting the birth of our first grandson. Andrew Christopher ... maybe not today, maybe tomorrow, we just know the little bugger is overdue. So, we've been sitting on pins and needles all week, trying to get ready for labor, birthday, and Dad's day.

Our son, Christopher is going to make a wonderful father. He doesn't even know how wonderful, but I was privileged to watch the twinkle in his eye develop over the last nine months. Okay, I'm not sure every child should be exposed to Hooter's Restaurant as an infant, but hey, he bought him a bib that reads, "chick magnet." It's all in fun. If there's one thing Christopher can pass down, it's his sense of humor and his soft heart. I love that in him. He'll also teach little Andrew the virtues of rooting for the Carolina Panthers over the New England Patriots. You can be sure.

Our son, Aaron, is getting married next year. It's been one of his utmost desires to raise a family. I've seen it in him many times, heard him speak it, even. He looks so much like my grandpa, a strong man who raised a large family through the depression on a coal-miner's budget. Though Aaron will be able to give more to his children in material possessions than his great-grandpa could, the love will be much the same, I am sure. What I love about Aaron is not only his humor, but his loyalty. Aaron will teach his children integrity, honesty, and how to track deer. Oh well ... two out of three ain't bad.

There are other men in my life, men of great integrity. Friends I respect, friends I can count on ... Tim, Blair, Frank, Gordon, Ed, and Dave. Every woman needs to surround herself with not only the love and nurturing qualities of other women, but also ... the care and compassion of good men. They're out there. Believe me. To one degree or another. And some women have to search for them. Even Flannery O'Connor said, "A Good Man Is Hard To Find," right? But once you find one, you treasure him. I'm lucky. God has blessed me with a whole treasure chest full.

My hope is that you treasure the men in your life. That they are deserving of your love and that they all leave a legacy to your families ... as I have no doubt, mine will.

Blessings to you and the men in your life.

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