Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Women Over 40

Yes, I do belong to this exciting group! And proud of it! It's also a group of businesswomen who network here in Greensboro. The group, formally called WOMAN, meets once a month for dinner at a quite nice restaurant here in town.

Last night's speaker was from the American Heart Association ... of course relaying tons of valuable information we all needed to hear ... but as I sat and watched the women at the tables, women from all walks of life, professions, race and ethnic background--I began to see (in my mind anyway) a melting away of differences and opinions. That when the going gets tough and you throw love and respect into the mix of the female vat of hormones ... what comes out of the pot is solidarity. One mighty fortress belonging to women.

I overheard so many conversations, expressing concern for the other. Whether sincere or contrived, it was still said. Words spoken that placed a healing balm on another woman's wounds, on her heart. My heart leaped, because I realized at the moment - that's a unique ability few men possess. To express love like that--through words--woman to woman.

Now, I've seen the back slapping men do. And I've been in churches and have witnessed the hugging between men of faith. I've also seen men cry. But what is it about the nurturing heart of a woman that I've heard, is the closest thing on earth you'll find to the love of God.

Especially from older women. Women who've experienced their share of hard times and disappointments. This group called WOMAN has the unique ability to immediately kiss your wounds and make things feel just a bit better, adding just enough hope for you to walk away from their meetings stepping lighter than when you came in.

I realized, last night, again as I sat there watching all these women share, that we're all the same. We have one beating heart. That although we wish to make great connections and network our abilities, we also scoop up any encouragement we can get, process it, and return it over and over again. Whether at the same meeting or future meetings.

It's quite an amazing thing to watch. These women over 40 know how to party, laugh, have fun, and are way past caring about the stuff in life that just doesn't matter a hill of beans. Most of these women have seen tough times and have come out swinging to the tune of starting new businesses and reinventing themselves ... thriving and most of all--surviving.

It's not been easy, and many faces reflect that ... but there's still a sparkle in their eyes. They've learned priceless lessons that frankly, would never have them trading places with any 20-year old.

Hmmpf. Life is good ... for women over 40.

Blessings to you and yours.

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