Wednesday, July 05, 2006


All day we looked forward to enjoying our first fireworks in years! Mike's cousin, Beth, even stayed over one more night to enjoy an evening of celebration, fun sitting around in lawn chairs, and a brilliant display of snap, crackle, and POP!

We had endured heat and humidity all morning as Mike and Beth worked in the garden, I ran to the store later with Beth for beer, watermelon, peaches (a great combo or what?) And I discovered our first big, fat June bugs flying into the side of the house by noon.

Looking forward to the fireworks all week ... we had made plans with Mike's sister, Bette Lou, and her best friend, Judy, to all meet up here at the house. We'd gather our chairs, blankets, bug spray and head to Cook Out for milkshakes. Next, we would stake our claim (patch of grass) at the CVS on the corner ... that way it'd be easier to get out with our cars afterward.

Mike packed up his camera, tripod, and decided he'd take some great shots of these "blockbuster boomers."

Dinner came and went, Mike's mom's chili dogs were awesome as usual, and then we waited.
For dark.

Long about 9:15, the sky grew darker but not from the setting sun ... from thunderclouds. God decided to hold a show of his own. The wind came, and we thought we'd head on over anyway. "Maybe, this'll jus' blow over, what cha' think?"

And then came the rain.

By the time we had our milkshakes in our hands, the rain was spitting across town. We parked in the CVS parking lot and I sucked down my peanut butter fudge shake under the shelter of my Honda.

But finally, the fireworks started ... despite the weather.

Seeing them from a slight distance, in a lit up parking lot, standing under the perscription pickup awning ... wasn't the same thrill as seeing them in the dark, on a blanket, while they go off over your head.

But hey, the milkshakes were yummy.

Blessings to you and yours.

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