Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gratitude and Attitude

"Mom! My ship has come in!"

That's the phone call I received last night from my son, Aaron. A young man with high hopes and simple dreams. He's of pioneer stock, I've always said. Aaron is a hard worker and a guy with a big heart. But most of all, he's kept a good attitude about his circumstances from one year to the next. (For the most part.)

If you look at him, you see my grandpa as a young man. He's got Troy Jennings King running all through him. In fact, at my grandma's funeral, people knew who he was before they were introduced. "You related to Troy King?" Oh sure, he's got a little of his dad ... his voice, his laugh, and his legs, but he's a King from the waist up.

Leaving for the Marine Corp. right out of high school in 1994, Aaron recognized his need for direction. The Marines steered him in the path of aeronautics and stationed him at the Marine Air Base in Cherry Point. After his time in the Maines was up, (of course you know, once a Marine always a Marine) he headed back to Ohio, to Columbus, where he studied and received his degree and/or Air Frame and Power Plant license to be a jet mechanic. A major airline hired him over six years ago ... and he's been there since.

He's a young man with a few simple passions. Hunting, his family, and wanting one of his own. He's a devoted man, to his employer ... to his country ... to his family. For many years, Aaron was the man of the house. A protector of little sister ... and of his mom. He's not perfect, Lord knows. But he has a great attitude. His integrity is impeccable.

It's not a secret; the kids and I had struggled through the last fifteen years. We've each one found our paths leading to peace and fulfilled dreams. Mine led me to North Carolina, to Michael and Christopher and a fulfilled dream to write books. Jillian's academic career and degrees have created a potential for greatness. And yesterday, Aaron's path was made a little clearer. His attitude has always been that if he was a good man, worked hard, loved his country, his family, and his God ... he would be rewarded. And now he is. Last year, he found Annie. Yesterday ... he was given a big break that will lead to many more blessings. When my child is blessed, than so am I.

His gratitude is immense. And so is mine.

Blessings to you and to your children, ... you know who you are.

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