Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why I Wrote The Book

Book Expo America will kick off in New York City in two weeks. I'll be there, signing Advanced Reading Copies of Televenge, on Wednesday, June 6, from 1 to 2 pm. There is no way to describe this feeling. A novel I've been writing forever, it seems, is about to debut. Throughout the years, I've been blogging about it. Hoping, praying, and clawing my way forward.

It's not been an easy road, although I didn't expect it to be. I often think about the character Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption who clawed his way through a mile of sewer pipe to reach his ultimate goal. Fighting against all odds, he eventually made it through the stench of that pipe to freedom.

It's been twenty-four years since I left my church. This book began as thoughts and sentences way back then. First as journal entries, and then in bursts of dialogue, short stories, and a rather long outline. Finally, after a lot of healing, I began to write the novel in 2002.

By the time I took the manuscript to a week-long Breakout Novel Writing Intensive with Literary Agent Donald Maass in 2005, it was over 1,200 pages long. Can you imagine? After seven more years of rewriting and some rather severe editing, the book is about to see the light.

I did not write this book specifically for the Christian audience, or to criticize or attack preachers. I'm a storyteller. My first objective was to write a great story. Televenge reflects the realities, the long-lasting devastation, and the horrific effects of legalism. I also wrote Televenge help myself heal completely; to show that pastors are human, to encourage others struggling in dogmatic churches to share their stories, hold their pastors accountable, and save their families from ruin.

This book is not about me. It's not my story. It's many stories that came together to become Andie's story. A story of hope, of deliverance, and strength of the human spirit. An unforgettable tale of unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, an invincible spirit, and incredible courage. Televenge will inspire countless conversations for years to come.

Everyone deserves unconditional love and no individual should settle for less. For those who have left a manipulative situation or are thinking about it, I want them to know no matter how desperate their circumstances they can come out of a dark place and into a life that is calling their name.

And that is why I wrote the book.

The book will be released on October 8, 2012. It is currently available for preorder on where you can read the synopsis. I'm very proud of the work that's gone into it, and of the people in my life who came together to get it published. I've been very blessed.

I'll be launching the book to the book buying community in June. I've never felt so excited in my life.

Blessings to you and yours.

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