Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Brother, Can You Spare A Blurb?


I've spent the past three days emailing well-respected authors. Hopeful for their endorsements, I gathered the contacts I made the past ten years, as well as emails from other writers I love, and sent them my genuine and heartfelt request. A request for a blurb. A blurb from great writers who I hope remember what it was like . . . searching for someone to give their debut novel a boost. A leg-up. I worry everyone is so busy with their own work, their own life, they'll forget their days of struggle. Forget what it's like to receive any stroke of good fortune. For someone they respect to turn their way with a nod, and and kind word.

I understand some of these folks receive dozens of requests nearly every day, and it's impossible to honor them all. Especially, if they don't like the manuscript in front of them. I get that.

Oh God, look my way, just once.

It's been such a long journey. Televenge has been over ten years in the writing. I'm so close, I can taste it. I can't even describe the angst. These few final months before the novel is published is filled with publicity work and preparing for a book tour and many sleepless nights.

It's the story of lifetime.

Just give me a chance, God. Give me a chance.

Julie Murkette and the team at Satya House are like branches of a great oak, holding me up, supporting me through every battle, every storm. We're determined to break barriers, and hopefully, with the support of my readers, create a sensation.

It's in God's hands, now. I just have to remember to leave it there.

Blessings to you and yours,

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