Saturday, March 01, 2008

In Case You're Wondering

I'm speaking Monday evening at a local Presbyterian Church, a special event. One of the questions that will, no doubt, be asked is, "Is your new book out?" Seems like I'm asked that question every week.

Truth is, the process of getting the right agent and the right publisher is a long one. Unless your cousin's best friend is an agent or an editor at Random House, it's a process that tests every ounce of your patience. But you learn a lot about yourself, believe me.

Even though I had connections to a few agents, those agents are "not taking on new clients" at this time. And, yes, I thought I had an agent, but due to a severe illness in her family, and the fact that she cannot devote the time needed to sell my book because of her family issues, we had a friendly parting.

So, I'm hot on the trail of another one. And I'm encouraged by the response, so far. I'll be sure and keep you posted.

But, I've decided not to let another year go by without publishing a book. I've been working on another book of short stories. Southern Fried Faith will be published sometime this Fall, in time for the Christmas season. A sequel to Southern Fried Women, the stories will be filled with much the same thread of religion and themes of hope, survival, and what really goes on inside a Wednesday night prayer group. Lookout! It will answer the question why Baptists are Baptists in the sanctuary, but turn into Methodists at the beach. Biting edges that keeps you turning the page!

Southern Fried Faith will contain a Christmas story I've been working on since last year. A Thrill of Hope. I'm looking forward to launching Southern Fried Faith this year and all the PR push that goes with it.

So ... just in case you're wondering ... a new book is on it's way. And I do, without a doubt, believe the Televenge trilogy will be sold in 2008 and published sometime in 2009. By then, you can look for me on Larry King, denying his comments about who the televangelist in Televenge really is.

Blessings to you and yours.

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