Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Today I spoke at one of the more interesting meetings. A Rotary Meeting at Lowes Motor Speedway. In the Speedway Club right above the track. Down below us, Dale Jr. ran his famous 8 car around and around the track. It wasn't an official race; maybe they were just practicing. Who knows? But it was quite the place. Not a die-hard Nascar fan, I found myself wanting to see a real race. From the comfort of the Speedway Club, of course.

I started thinking ... this is one of the last "free" speeches I'm scheduled to give. I'm at a starting gate of my own. Waiting for somebody to raise the flag and yell, "Lady! Start your engine!" and I'll be off ... racing around in circles? Well, not exactly. I'm racing toward a finish line, in hopes of a win. And if I'm lucky, there will only be a few "caution laps." I may even get a flat tire, a close miss from some hot shot driver, and I pray not to run out of gas before the end of my race.

The challenges are many ... for every writer. A constant call to perfection plagues us around every corner. As a speaker, we've got one shot to dazzle and amaze our audience. There's no rewrites allowed. No do-overs. So it's a race to finish in good standing. A win every time.

Well ... we can hope.

I sold another 16 books today to this small group of Rotarians. I was pleased with the response. But I'm looking forward to moving into different venues. Larger groups. I've been racing the hometown tracks ... I'm ready for Lowes Motor Speedway!


Blessings to you and yours.

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