Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baby Shower Boppy

Saturday, Michael and I gave our son and daughter-in-law a baby shower. How appropriate, the day before Mommie's Day ...

Almost a mommy, Nicole is in her last month of pregnancy. Little Andrew gets the hiccups and moves around a lot these days. I'm anticipating an active baby. But everybody's healthy and the nursery is shaping up quite nicely. No themes, (themes are out, they tell me.) Painted a UNC blue with lots of baby-stuff sitting around, Christopher (the baby daddy) is hoping for a sports fanatic. No doubt, this little boy will be one, even if he gets to choose his own teams. I'm sure, it's in his DNA.

But, as I watched Nicole open gifts, I thought about how time has changed in thirty years. Wiper warmers? What the hell is a wiper warmer? I don't know about you, but we just used a wash cloth, then threw it in the washing machine to be used again. And Diaper Genie? It's a contraption you feed a dirty diaper to. It bags it and stores it. No fuss, no muss, no smell.

I remember coming home from work to a sink full of dirty cloth diapers that needed to be rinsed out and washed! Wasn't no "genie" in my house. Just me, up to my eyeballs in stinky-poo.

Nicole opened one gift and said, "Oh! a Boppy! I wanted a Boppy!" Huh? Michael and I just looked at each other. What in God's name is a Boppy? Evidently if you breast feed, this pillow, that fits around your body to support baby and mommy, is a life-saver. Beats the rolled up blanket we used all to hell. Boppy. Hmm. I wonder how much money somebody made thinking that up?

The list of new-fangled devices for first-time parents is endless. I really don't know how we survived.

Our way of life changes every ten years, they say. Does it improve? I would like to think so. All I know is that every baby, regardless of whether its parents use Pampers, Huggies, or old-fashioned cloth diapers ... should be loved.

I know this one will be.

Blessings to you and yours.

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