Saturday, May 19, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Gripe

I think the kind of writer with the hardest job would be for TV. You never get to give a satisfying ending. There's always a cliffhanger. No real conclusion.

Take my favorite show, for example: Grey's Anatomy. Because I used to work with medical students, interns, and hospital residents on a regular basis, Michael usually tapes this show for me and we'll watch it at our leisure. (It's actually about the only show I watch. I stopped watching American Idol this year mid-season ... that's a blog for another day.) Thing is, when I worked in the hospital with these people, they're actually like the characters at Seattle Grace in so many ways.

These amazingly brilliant young men and women have spent their whole lives in school. Most of them have little business sense (as running your medical practice is not taught in medical school) and even less sense in making relationships work. Their whole thought process is wrapped around their studies. Their lives are about one thing ... the practice of medicine.

So, in one way ... having residents with messed up lives is believable. But let me gripe for a second ...

I'm watching the show's final episode last night and I realize ... I really don't like Meredith Grey. I have no sympathy for this chick, at all. She, to me, has a cold, cold heart. I think she must've inherited it from her crazy mother. But she's about to lose McDreamy and it's like ... oh well. If she does care, will she ever show it? C'mon writers! Give us something to care about in this character! Everything bad that happens to her is her own fault because you've made her so uncaring and cold. (Or so it seems on the surface.)

Derek (McDreamy) has not only been understanding and patient for weeks and weeks, he's just poured out his heart to her. "I can't leave you," he says ... that whole speech would've thrown most women under the table. My God, did you see the way he said her name? I cried. And she just turns and walks away from him. After the wedding that wasn't, Meredith walks up the long aisle, stands in front of all the guests to announce the wedding is off, then says, "It's over ... it's so over." Ugh! She's put all her eggs into Christina's basket believing if Christina can marry and make it work, then she can, too. I love my best friend, but I don't live my life according to her next move.

Ugh, I say, again. Christina is the worst person for Meredith to base her fairytale decisions on!

This whole thing with Burke and Christina ... unbelievable to me. Burke deserves better. Christina pretending to want to marry Burke, then when she gets jilted at the altar by him she runs home ... finds him gone, and Meredith cuts the dress off her while she's screaming, "Get me out of this dress, I'm free, Dammit!" Puhlease. The dynamics between Burke and Christina have always been explosive to me.

For the past however many seasons they've paired these two up, I've never felt she loved him like he did her. Never. There was no surprise here. She turned into something she didn't want to be because she thought she loved Burke? Some women can't have it all. Not because it's not possible, but because it's not in their character or makeup. That's Christina.

Don't get me wrong, I love the character that Oh plays, but Christina is not marriage material, in my opinion. Not at all. Stop trying to marry her off. Poor Burke. He need to turn gay or something.

Then there's this kinda-sorta love triangle with George, Callie, and Izzy. Izzy got over Denny fast, didn't she? And since George has failed his boards, is he going to retake his internship or do something else? My guess, he's going to leave Callie, his wife, and end up with Izzy. But that'll take the whole next season to do. But Callie will be pregnant. My guess.

Isn't it strange how all of a sudden Callie is now Izzy's boss? Callie seems to have the great job and career, but a shaky marriage ... and poor Bailey has a great family life (or so we're lead to believe, although does she ever go home? We never see that ...) but now her career is shaky since she's lost her bid for chief resident.

Boy ... is this a soap opera or what?

And then there's Alex, Addison, and Mark ... I love and adore Addison. She's my favorite character. I wish her the best as she leaves Seattle Grace and goes off into the crazy world of private practice. But Alex and Mark? Give them a life or something. They're pitiful characters. Gesh. They need more meat to their stories, in my humble opinion. We need to know more about them. Give me some backstory!

My favorite part of the final episode is where the Chief finally figured it out. After all those years of putting work before family ... family is more important. Let's hope the writers don't take that away from him.

But isn't that what great writing is all about? Giving us so much conflict that it wakes up up at 3 a.m. and we realize we love the story so much we decide to blog about it the next morning ...

Hmmm... there's no gripe in that.

Blessings, Grey's Anatomy writers ... on a great season! Here's to the next!

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