Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies ...

God save me from politics! I can feel it coming ... the election. I steer clear of it as much as possible. But this morning it hit me that I should remind myself of the massive amount of serious problems in this country. Not that I can do a whole lot about them, but I can do one thing, I can VOTE.

I received the following email, and usually when I receive emails like this, I delete them. I simply don't have the time. But as I sat with my coffee, intrigued, I decided to click on the word America. Go ahead, do it here and turn up your speakers. It's narrated by John Wayne, one of my dad's favorite actors. They're spectacular photographs of our country and a pretty poem about America recited by Mr. Wayne. You've probably already seen similar emails like this. But go ahead, enjoy this one for a few minutes, then come back to my blog:

Take two minutes, watch and enjoy your goosebumps---- America Click on the word America, turn your speakers on, then sit back and enjoy.

After watching this, I sat thinking about my next door neighbor, who boldly proclaims to be a Christian. His church bus occasionally sits in his driveway. He goes to one of the holy roller churches here close-by. This family once had a flag pole erected in the middle of their front yard. A very large American flag flew from it daily. For the past year, since the pole broke, the pole and the American flag has been laying on the ground in their driveway! Are they stupid or just plain ignorant? I consider reporting them every day. The American flag is NEVER to touch the ground and these Christian people nearly drive their car over it each time they pull into the driveway!

So, yes, this little email did do something for me this morning. It got me to thinking that I need to report my next door neighbor. I am proud to be an American. Very. And no one, not even those who wear their Christianity like their best Sunday dress, should be allowed to disrespect the flag.

My son was a Marine. I have since become sensitive to patriotism. I do not agree with the war in the Iraq. If Bush could run again, I would not vote for him. (God help us.) My heart goes out to the mothers of the men overseas.

I think somebody should make another pretty video for the Internet. One with pictures of the slums of every major city in America. The poverty-stricken homes in Appalachia. The gulf shore still devastated by Katrina. The damage in Alaska already done by global warming. The border wall being built between Texas and Mexico. How about a picture of the mass of Americans, old and young alike, who can't afford HEALTH CARE! And a large photograph of our soldiers who need to be brought home.

Not a pretty picture is it? I'm a woman of faith. I am a proud American wife of a veteran, mother of a veteran, and daughter of a veteran. I will live and die in this country. But there are too many problems for me to get "goosebumps" over a bunch of pretty pictures someone puts on the Internet amidst the backdrop of John Wayne's poem and an orchestra playing America the Beautiful.

I say I'm not a politically-minded individual. But today, I'm just plain pissed off at our neighbors for allowing the American flag to rot on the ground in their driveway. I think today, I'll do something about it.

In the next election, I think we should try to VOTE for the least political person. And maybe we just all need to stop talking about our problems so much and roll up our sleeves.

Blessings to you an yours.

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