Saturday, April 14, 2007

National Speaker Association/Carolinas

I'm inspired.

I just returned home from the National Speaker Association/Carolinas Seminar in Charlotte. A seasoned group, these members have been around the block a time or two in the their speaking careers. A fun group, our speaker today was Scott Ginsberg, He's "the guy with the name tag." In 2000, he decided to wear a name tag permanently ... take a look at why and where it's taken him. What a great speaker! Fantastic presentation. He talked a whole lot about blogging in terms of marketing ... thank you, Scott ... I shall remain a Southern Fried Woman blogger.

A memorable moment for me, Scott said something I must quote ... "Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness." How absolutely delicious is that?

Had a great lunch with Laura Hamilton, Kelly Swanson, and Kali Ferguson, as well as a whole host of other speakers. I asked Kelly about her gig to open for Loretta Lynn. What a kick-butt opportunity for Kelly! She relayed the event to eager listeners and then somehow, we got to talking about famous people. The question was asked, have we met any? One beautiful lady sitting next to us, had been to Pat Benetar's birthday party, met Steve Martin and a whole host of famous folk. Mainly, because she was dating a Hollywood actor at the time.

Then, Kali, pipes up. "I was in The Color Purple."

Kelly, Laura, and I just sat there with our mouths wide open catching flies. "What?"

"True. I was seven," she said. "I got to play with Whoopi Goldberg's cat." A beautiful grown woman now, Kali indicated that many folk from Charlotte were in the movie since it was filmed near there. Kali said, "Next time you watch the movie, I'm the last little girl to come around the outhouse when Mister throws Nettie out of his house." She told us all about her experience.

Since The Color Purple is one of my all-time favorite movies ... (you know that if you've been following my blog) I could've sat and talked to Kali the rest of the afternoon!

Besides hearing and learning valuable information to apply toward my speaking career, it was a great day of fun and food and fellowship. You can rest assured, our wheels are turning ...

Michael and I will return to future NSA/Carolinas events. No doubt about it.

Blessings to you and yours.
Pamela King Cable

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