Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Lure Of Lake Lure

It's not only majestic--it's breathtaking. The mountains surrounding the tiny community of Chimney Rock, NC are a sight to behold. The first mountain range you come to traveling west, away from the Atlantic Ocean ... the locals call these "ocean-front mountains." We stayed at the Lake Lure Inn, and went back in time. To 1927. The Inn is filled to the brim with a collection of antiques worth salivating over. The rooms are small, but clean and beautifully decorated. It's reminiscent of 1927. It's not the Hyatt. It's so much more than that. You can feel time stand still here. I love this Inn.

It’s also the movie-set of Dirty Dancing. I stood on the front porch of "Johnny's Cabin." Oh yes, I could feel the presence of Patrick Swayze dancing around me. Unfortunately, I had to open my eyes and poof the fantasy was gone. We visited Chimney Rock in 2001--the town hasn't changed much in six years. Other than the fact that a company called, Grey Rock is developing some 4,000 acres into gorgeous home sites. I admire them for leaving so much of the land as preserve. They are also the owner of the 2006 HGTV Dream Home. I got a peek!

Talk about views. This house is magnificent and blends into the scenery. Getting an up close and personal look made my day! My new friend, Pat Willingham, Sales Executive for Grey Rock, took Michael and I on a tour of the area, as well. We needed her four-wheel drive vehicle to climb the mountains, but once you get to the top, you realize you’re in the suburbs of Heaven.

The land boom that hit the beach areas years ago is about to hit the mountains in North Carolina. Grey Rock is gearing up for that. The prices are great at the moment, but I doubt it will remain so. There's nothing in the world like your own piece of paradise.

I prefer the mountains to the beach for many reasons. First, you don't have the hurricanes, or the crowding. Houses squeezed together at the beach are not my idea of privacy. Although I love to listen to the lap of the waves rolling in at night, the sounds of the forest are just as soothing to me. I love the mild climate of the Carolina Mountains. And buying land on a mountain means privacy. Any way you look at it. I could go on and on, but my people are mountain people. It's in my blood, so I suppose that's why it appeals to me the most.

It was a relaxing couple of days. I appreciate time away now more than ever. It's a chance to use the excuse ... "I'm on vacation, I'm not checking email."

The lure of Lake Lure is something you need to experience for yourself--at least once in your lifetime.

Blessings to you and yours.

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