Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday

Depending on if you root for da bears or da colts, it's a day of pure football ecstasy in North Carolina. I'm not sure every house in America is preparing for the event like we do. I doubt, however, there'll be a chicken wing to be had within miles of Super Bowl Sunday Houses.

And I wonder how many men have their minds on the preacher this morning while visions of touchdown passes dance in their heads?

We got the beer in the fridge, the snack bowls lined up on the table, the charcoal in the grill for traditional chili dogs ... and the TV has been dusted off. ESPN and INSIDE THE NFL has had their say, the bets are on the table! It's a SUPER DAY! Yippee.

But you know why it's super for me?

I can retreat to my office, read, work, listen to my itunes, and call my mom (who really doesn't know what a Super Bowl is.) It's super Sunday because while the rest of the house is whooping it up, laughing over the commercials, I can tiptoe out once in a while ... catch the score, see a commercial, and retreat back to the office.

Am I a party pooper? Nah. Not on Super Bowl Sunday ... nobody notices. Do I care who wins? Not really. If it were the Panthers, then I'd be sitting my butt in front of the TV a bit more. I wish, sometimes, I were the sports fan some women are ... I like football better than most sports, but I've always been one to find something else better to do with my time. I actually envy those who can sit through a whole game and find every play fascinating. I just don't.

So it's Super Sunday for me from the standpoint that I know my family is going to have a good time, some fun, and enjoy their time together. And I'll peek out there once in while, just to feel somewhat a part of it.

Go Panthers!

Blessings to you and yours.

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