Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm still alive. Barely. I think I'm still breathing ... last time I checked. I wonder, after not blogging for a week ... do my readers stop checking in on me? Well ... sometimes ... you have no choice. My life away from a computer for the past week has been grueling, to say the least. I've checked email a couple times ... but that's about it. My parents (now in their 70s) moved. From middle Florida to near my sister in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike and I helped to pack them up and get them from point A to point B. No small feat.

But the job is done, I've passed the unpacking off to my sister, and we're now recuperating at home with heating pads and lots of Tylenol.

I have emails out the wazoo to answer, mail piled to the top of my door, a book that's screaming to be finished, speaking engagements to prepare for, laundry to the ceiling, bags to unpack, and a ton of other work that's staring me in the face, including a press release that needs done immediately!

... and all I want to do is catch up on my sleep, make an appointment for a massage and pedicure, and read.

I find my life gets in the way of my career now more than ever ... but, family comes first sometimes. So now to catch up.

But first, I think I'll go recuperate some more with a cup of tea and a nap.

Blessings to you and yours.

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