Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

I've spoken three days in a row, to three different groups. Sold ... a whole bunch of books ... I've lost count. I'm tired. Yet tomorrow ... we're back on the road ... off to Florida and to Georgia for a week. Not only stopping at a few bookstores, but this trip is mainly to help my folks move to their new home in Atlanta. Should be fun, but I'll be ready to head home next week, I assure you.

The best part about speaking is meeting great people. I met Tammie Grisso today, what a sweet woman with a stellar personality. People are so open and friendly ... this afternoon, I had one man approach me at the end of my speech, again with tears in his eyes, and he said, and I quote ... "God had to send you here today ... I'm at the end of my rope." Wow. When you can touch lives like that? There's nothing like it. And this man was a man of means. He was no slacker. I'm so moved by the reaction of men and women every time I speak. I feel ... so blessed.

Work on Televenge continues ... I'm getting fantastic feedback ... it's just gonna be a long-ass book. There's no way around it. I think I'll call Diana Gabaldon and Elizabeth Kostova ... get some moral support on book length ...

One of my "fans" sent me a T-shirt and note cards today! How cool is that? "Southern Fried Chick!" She's an awesome woman and owns Sweeties Chocolates and Gift Shop in Winston-Salem. Love, love it when I get fun stuff like this in the mail! The shirt and cards have the coolest little chick laid out on a beach blanket.

My writing friends are popping up everywhere. Ed Schubert just published Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, Issue Four ... Dena Harris is swamped with work and is working on a book of public speaking that, I'm sure, will be a must purchase for every writer. I know I plan to help her promote it everywhere I go. Carol Kenny ... this woman doesn't stop ... she's about ready to finish her novel Whispers from St. Mary's Well ... one family's historical account of the sharing of souls ... an amazing work. Watch for it ... coming to a bookstore near you! Lisa Wynn and Brenda Shropshire ... Hell on Heelz.com ... look it up. It kicks-butt. But then, if you knew these two hot chicks, you'd know why. Both writers, they're out to take the world of women business owners by storm. Mary Ellen, I'm looking for you to be syndicated by this time next year! Kelly Swanson ... opened for Loretta Lynn recently. She's a storyteller with stage presence deserving of the Oscar. I swear to Gawd.

The diet (or new life change) is going ... okay. It's slow, but sure. We're feeling better; Michael has lost two inches around his waist and 10 pounds. Me? Who knows? I refuse to keep track. I just want to feel better. That's all I want to do. We'll keep you posted. But I got the new Bob Greene book today ... it'll look good with the rest of my sixteen books by "professional" diet gurus. I've got to read them all someday.

Televenge takes a whole ink cartridge to run off. It's now in the hands of 9, soon to be 10 professional readers, editors, line editors ... God help me to get this one right.

I read some of Televenge at open mic tonight. Great group of Winston-Salem writers. The group is evolving and changing as groups do. Missed hearing some poetry slam. I hope I can continue to attend this monthly event. But it seems my schedule is starting to pull me away from a lot of monthly meetings.

It's getting late; we've got to hit the road before rush hour in Charlotte. I may not blog until next week, but I'm never sure how much of audience I have for this damn blog anyway. I keep plugging away at it. Just like I do everything else.

God bless writers everywhere. Keep us all sane, at least for a while.

Blessings to you and yours.

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