Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Agony And The Ecstasy

The past few weeks have been agonizing during the edits of Televenge, my novel. I think I've read it ... a million times or at least it seems like it. Over and over and over ... and yet, damn! I missed that word! I kick myself ... my brain tends to automatically fill in the word "to" when, it really isn't there. That's why at the present time, there are four designated readers, two line editors, and two professional editors now reviewing the book. By "professional" I mean, I pay them for their services because that's what they do, it's their job to edit books.

I chose these people based on their availability, mostly, and their knowledge of the subject. And, because they're damn good at what they do. Even my readers, read voraciously. They know a good book when it comes out and they buy it. But I also have a pastor reading it, for obvious reasons, a young woman in her 20's because I want to see how much she "gets." The rest will no doubt get it.

So far, I've had a brief review from my first editor ... here are some of her comments:
"It is a great story! Riveting, compelling, coherent, well-thought out, flows from chapter to chapter with grace, interesting and well-developed characters and plot ..."

"And I am sooo glad you were so firm about resisting the urge to peek at the end! I could go on and on extolling the virtues of this book! ..."

"I think you've got it totally right! Maybe someday you and I can have a long talk about the why's and how's this is an accurate portrayal ..."

"When I first started reading I admit I was apprehensive about the length ... I expected there to be either lots to cut, or the possibility of dividing it into two or three books. However, once I started reading it was obvious that there was nothing to cut, and no way would I have wanted to wait a year or two for the second or third parts! I did have to take a break between the first section and the second two because of other work issues that came up, but once I started reading the second section, I was totally sucked in. Thus, the compelling nature of the whole."

"... and it's got "screenplay" written all over it!"

"It was very difficult to put down without wanting to read more."

Ah, the ECSTASY of reading your first "review."

Needless, to say ... she had more to say about what needed fixed, but that would give away the plot and so ... I won't tell you what that part ... (grin.)

Now the AGONY ... you get all this feedback on a novel you hope, for the most part, is done ... and now you have to weed through, pick and choose, and rewrite ... yet again. The next person that asks me "why is it taking so long?" ... POW to the moon!

And I'm reading the hard copy myself, for the first time ... and like I said, I'm finding things I don't see on my computer monitor. Why is that, I wonder? The agonizing part is knowing this book has to be as perfect as I can make it before sending it to New York.

But, hopefully, with any luck ... it will be the sweetest piece of ecstasy I have ever created. I can't wait to share it with you. It's my life's work as a writer, a work that will propel me into another realm. (I'm hoping.)

I'm thankful for my readers, line editors, and editors who are going to town with their red pens! I'm grateful for the support of my family and my writing friends ... Every one of them has been instrumental in my stamina to write this manuscript. Who knows how much longer this process will take, but I assure you, when it's published ... there will never have been an ecstasy so sweet.

Blessings to you and yours.

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