Friday, November 16, 2012

What?! Tired? Me?

These last few stops on this leg of the book tour have been spectacular. After an amazing couple of days in Atlanta, interviews on Fox Radio News New York, and then CBS Atlanta, we went to the mountains of North Carolina. To Sylva and the most amazing bookstore, City Lights.

Heading east to the Outer Banks (500 miles across the state of North Carolina) I gave a speech to the members of the Duckwoods Country Club. Signing books at the back of the room afterward, I have to say ... other than writing the book, it's my favorite thing to do as an author. A real shot in the arm. A good dose of confidence.

Then south again, back through Atlanta and on to Mobile, Alabama and the Junior League Christmas Jubilee! I spent eight hours signing books, one after the other, both Southern Fried Women and Televenge ... hundreds of people stopped at my little table for a book.

Meeting so many, talking about my work, I'm falling into bed in the hotel tonight, exhausted. Tomorrow morning we're heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday, and then it's back to work!

My breath catches in my throat as I look back on the past month since Televenge was released. It's been an unbelievable ride ...

Blessings to you and yours.


Lynn said...

I'm tired just reading this! Have a great holiday and enjoy your family. And hug Lily.

Janie said...

You rock! So excited for your great success! Many blessings as you continue on your book journey !