Friday, November 09, 2012

What Can A Writer Expect On A Book Tour?

So I'm watching Ellen DeGeneres interview Kirstie Alley about her new memoir, and I'm wondering why can't somebody pick up where Oprah left off? Why are only celebrities getting interviews on Ellen or The View? Why do we have to sell millions of books to get an interview like that? Why, why, why?

I'm just askin'.

Anyway, this leg of the book tour started with a stop in NC for the night before heading to Atlanta on Tuesday. (The outlets in Gaffney, SC were a side trip, but that's another blog.) What started out as a whirlwind day, has ended up as one continuous tornado!

Wednesday began with an interview in my pajamas on the phone with WYRQ FM in Little Falls, MN and a deejay by the name of Al. Good ol' Al. I almost heard the chickens in the background. A real sweet guy, he asked a few direct questions about televangelism and Televenge, mentioned his Catholic background, chatted about the weather and just that quickly, the interview was done.

After an hour and half through pouring rain and stop-and-go Atlanta traffic, I found myself sitting in the CBS studios, ready to be interviewed by a young, good-looking anchor, Brandon Rudat, who is also an Emmy, award-winning journalist. Plenty of pancake makeup covered his pretty face, but he sported a crisp blue suit on the top and flip-flops on his feet. A real cutie. (Probably my son's age, so I can say that.) I watched as he first interviewed two guests on the topic of sexual abuse. My part, of course, was about spiritual abuse. They slipped a microphone on me, and before I knew it, the six-minute interview as over. I can't even remember what I said at this writing, but it's supposed to air either this Sunday or next, and then post on You Tube. I'll post the link as soon as I have it.

An hour and a half back through pouring rain and more stop-and-go Atlanta traffic, I sat in my dad's office with the door closed and prepared for the Fox News Radio interview with Vipp Jaswal. What an experience! The best interview by far with a seasoned veteran of the news. Here's the link. By all means, tune in and listen to this interview! It's like being interviewed by James Bond! Working with a professional like Vipp was simply an experience I'll never forget.

Back to Atlanta, in more rain and traffic, we first treated ourselves to a great dinner at Front Page News in the Little Five Points area, then I signed about fifteen books at Charis Books, my first feminist bookstore. I have to say that Elizabeth Anderson, an employee at Charis for fifteen years, was one of the nicest independent bookstore employees I've ever met, and I've met quite a few. Her kind heart and love for books was evident from the moment I walked in. She showed a genuine interest in my work, my life as a writer, and in all literature in general. I simply love it when God puts certain people in my path. People different from me. I'll never forget Elizabeth, and I hope to get back down to her store in the future. An independent bookstore that's been around for over 30 years!

Yesterday, we traveled to Sylva, NC, as I'm speaking and signing tonight at City Light Books at 6:30 pm. The town (Indian Reservation) of Cherokee is 10 minutes down the road, and that's where I wanted to stay. More later on this event.

We as writers will as some point have to hit the road and meet our readers up close and personal. There is no getting around it. And it doesn't matter if we're interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres or not, writers have to become proactive in selling their work. I can't sit still and let somebody else do it. It takes time, money, commitment, and a thick skin. There's no other way. There never was.

Stay tuned ... and enjoy the pictures below.

Blessings to you and yours.



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