Saturday, November 10, 2012

God Loves Independent Book Stores

Besides waking up this morning and discovering Televenge is on the front page of Fox I have also been asked to give a book reading, judge a literary magazine contest, and attend the awards ceremony at Wilson Community College near Raleigh, NC in February and April of 2013. I'm honored.
There's more good news, but I can't talk about it right now. So instead of letting anything slip out, here are a few little pictures of our current book tour. We're done in the mountains, and now we head to the beach. More later.
And in case you missed this blog post, take a look: - Why Public Speaking Is a Writer's Best Friend
The mountains around Sylva and Cherokee, NC welcomed us!

Looking over our hotel balcony to the mountain above us and the river below.

Ian and Chris ~ they run the show at City Lights Bookstore!

Some wonderful ladies who came to hear about Televenge

The Watch Cat
Robin and me ~ a great new friend!
Sylva Courthouse, high in the mountains

A coal tipple in Sylva

Me - One happy camper


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