Friday, October 05, 2012

What A Fantastic Book Launch!

A magical night to launch a book. TELEVENGE, my debut novel, shot into the stratosphere as the room filled with friends and those who came to buy their signed copy. I was thrilled, honored and moved as they filed in to hug my neck. The line formed and I think my eyes were filled with tears on more than occasion. Maybe it's a southern thing, but these folks brought buckets of love with them to The Harmon House in Kernersville, NC.

A beautiful venue to launch my novel, the evening was warm and the air full of electricity. And cake, we had a cake!

It's been quite a journey, and it's just begun. I discovered today that Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC, is selling tickets to my event on the 26th. The word is getting out, and I'm hearing from so many on a daily basis. Friends, family, colleagues, and the media! Thoughts of love, best wishes, and support ... I'm so blessed. When I arrived in High Point, I was shocked to see a FULL PAGE write up on the book by award-winning reporter, Jimmy Tomlin.

If you missed last night's launch, just stay tuned. There is much in store for this old gal and her big book. God knows, I'm excited to start this tour! It's been a labor of love. My tragedy has turned into my triumph. At least for this one night.

Many blessings to you and yours. And many thanks.

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Diana Stevan said...

Congratulations, Pamela. I finally got around to reading Southern Fried Woman. I am so impressed!!!! You are one fabulous writer. I savor your metaphors and your unique way of telling a story. You are never boring, and your characters and their lifestyle leap off the page. I'm about halfway through and find it hard to put your book down. I am definitely a fan and look forward to reading Televenge down the road. Wishing you much success! So glad I found your work.