Friday, June 29, 2012

No Guarantees For The Writer

UGH, I certainly don't like to go this long between blog posts! But we're getting down to the wire, three months to go before the book launch! TELEVENGE, the dark side of televangelism.

I've been working closely with my publicist at Smith Publicity and my publisher at Satya House, setting up media interviews, booking the launch party, and writing byline articles ... the list is endless and it includes a great deal of time on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and whatever else I can put myself on. The final edits have to be completed before the actual book goes to print, and I'm already working on the next novel ... yes, folks, by the time I lay my head down at night, I've worked twelve hours or more.

The TELEVENGE book trailer is in the works, I'm booking speaking engagements from Ohio to North Carolina to Georgia, and back up the east coast into the Philadelphia area, and my publicist tells me the response to their initial pitch to the media was overwhelming!

I'm hoping all the book buyers at the BEA in New York City are enjoying their advanced reading copies. Hundreds of uncorrected proofs are out there, and this writer can only hope for the best at this point.

When you've done all you can do, poured your heart and scraped-thin soul into your book and then into promoting it, you have to put all the negative thoughts surrounding the publishing industry out of your head. Yeah, you know the odds. Any writer with half a brain who spends any time on the Internet knows the tough road ahead. The thick skin needed for the journey. But we persevere anyway, don't we? What choice do we have?

There are no guarantees. I know that.

It's all I've ever wanted to do. Sure, we crave some measure of success. But this life, my career as a writer, I'm already living my dream. Harper Lee couldn't be any happier than I am at this moment.

I'm already blessed.

Blessings to you and yours.

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