Monday, June 04, 2012

It All Starts Today!

We're packed and ready, steering the Chevy due east. Heading to New York City today and Book Expo America. Michael and I will hit the Javits Center sometime tomorrow. It isn't our first book party at the Javits. But this time, I'm arriving as a bonifide novelist. Televenge is making its debut and I'm pretty stoked, I really must say. I'll be signing books Wed. at Booth 4346 - 10 am, and at Autographing Table 14 - 1 pm. It's certainly the culmination of years of hard work. Although, in some respects its really just beginning.

I'll be meeting with my publisher, my publicist, and hopefully lots of eager readers. It's quite an exciting time in the life of a writer. I've worked a lot of years, wondering if I would just die on the vine. Some mornings I'd sit at my computer and think, "what the hell am doing?" The tears and frustration halted me in my tracks more than once. And I've pulled a lot of splinters out of my hands, building that proverbial platform.

As a writer the hard work is never done, unfortunately. But this week, I'm going to bask in a little bit of sunshine. The book I was meant to write is finished. It's in God's hands now. I'm just going to help Him sell it the best I can. I've had questions as to its genre, and I really have a hard time answering. It's literary, its romance and suspense, thriller, and a bit of the paranormal all rolled into one.

What I do know is that Televenge is a story about the dark side of televangelism. A powerful message of faith and deliveance and strength of the human spirit. A tale of unconditional love. A vivid portrayal of heartbreaking loss and incredible courage. I'm hoping folks will talk about it for a long time.

If you're in NYC this week, and your a bookseller, come see me! I'd love to meet you and hand you a copy of the book.

How cool is that?

Blessings to you and yours.

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Nicole said...

Good luck!! And enjoy!! :-)