Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calling All Prayers

You ever prayed hard about something near and dear to your heart you feel like you might explode from the waiting?

Well, folks. That's how I feel. Right 'bout now. And I'm asking. Asking for your prayers.

Seems as though we're supposed to imagine it. Expect it. Believe and ye shall receive. I read in the newspaper about a woman who imagined herself right into the most wonderful blessing of her life. I'm wondering how much reality there is in that.

But prayers are what I need now. Your prayers. I'm not whining about it, nor seeking any self-serving pity, God no. It's just, well, when you've fought so hard for so long, found yourself running into one wall after another, and then like a miracle, the end result of your life's work is within arms reach -- it's nigh unto impossible to sit and wait yet again. But all it takes is one person. One person to read and believe.

There's more than just light at the end of the tunnel, folks. I've come out of the other side here, and the sky is achingly bright blue.

I do believe every once in a while a prayer slips in, a sweet sound that reaches the ear of God. It makes Him smile and say, "Why not? Let's make it happen. Let's see what she does with it."

So I would appreciate your prayers.

Blessings to you and yours.

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