Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Survival Mode

Well damn, folks. It's February. January, thank God, is over. It's the worst month of the year, the one month you want to come and go quickly. As much as I thought it would be the best month of my life, this year--it was just another January. I didn't blog much because as usual, I was busy, busy, busy. With writing and a few other things. Many of my readers are asking the same question right about now, "What's going on with the new book?" Here's my answer: It's now in the hands of my agent. All I have to do is sit on pins and needles for the next few days, weeks, months, or however long it takes.

In the meantime, I'm deep into plotting the next one. I'm digging in and staying focused. I'm surviving. Survival mode is painful. Two days ago I burnt the top of my finger on the fireplace grate. It's seeping and ugly and it hurts like the dickens. But I soldier on like most of us, trying to get through this awful winter. Survival mode is right where I am. Hanging on to every hope that somewhere in the dark I just might see my dreams come true.

Until then, I'll bury my head in the next book and nurse my burnt finger. The middle one, to be exact.

Blessings to you and yours.


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Pamela King Cable said...

Are you serious? Why would you post your advertisement on my old blog? How cheap and disgusting. If your product is so great, then pay for your own advertising and stay off other people's blogs!