Friday, February 19, 2010

To Have Or Have Not

The other day I watched the Sex and the City movie, feeling stupid about "labels." I suppose, if you live in big cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago -- designer labels are just something you grow up with. My guess is that people who work and live in fast-paced environments know instantly what you're "wearing" and if you have a sense of "style." They have been schooled in what not to wear. Socialites can tell immediately whether you're carrying a Louis Vuitton or a knock-off.

Carrie, in the Sex and the City movie, bought throw pillows for $300 a piece. A PIECE!

Do people really live like that?

Shocking, but yes, they do.

If money were no object--would I?

No. I'm sure I would not.

Like so many who were raised in the Great Depression, our older citizens continue to wash out sandwich bags and save tin foil. Now I'm not that bad, but I can tell you that should I ever have "money" ... I will still shop at Walmart and continue my Saturday morning garage sale hunts.

I have scrimped and done without so much for so long that ... well, hold on ... yes, it would be nice to travel, buy better pieces of meat, or slip my feet into more than one new pair of shoes every six months. It would be nice not to clip coupons or color my own hair. I would love to indulge in pedicures and facials once in a blue moon. I can think of a few more things I'd like to buy and not worry how much it would ruin the budget.

But to spend even $50 for a throw pillow? That will never happen in my lifetime.

Are the clothes in Walmart only for poor people? Should you drop into depression because you shop at Kohls or Target? Just because you grill hot dogs and not steaks ... does that mean you can never expect anything better in life? Good grief, no.

Yes, I would love to pay off every bill I owe, shower my family with gifts, give money to my favorite charities, and have a little left for myself. But that would not change who I am inside or my future spending habits.

I've heard the world is quickly becoming a society of haves and have nots. That may be true but there are worse things than doing without, believe me. I believe since this dang recession hit, there are many who would agree.

Besides, I like hot dogs on the grill. And I've never owned a Louis Vuitton anything. That's okay by me.

Blessings to you and yours.

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