Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Can Feel It

I arrived home from Ohio with great expectations. Contemplating the marriage between my son and his future bride, I feel a certainty. This one will defy the odds. You can just feel it.

Aaron Christian and Anne Marie. Or Annie, as she's called by those who know and love her. The couple's shower, given by Uncle Gordon and Aunt Elaine, was a total success. A beautiful day for Northern Ohio, the guys went golfing early in the morning, and later ... everyone gathered on the farm to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

For two people who do not like to be in the spotlight, Annie and Aaron were certainly the center of attention last Sunday. But along with that, Auntie Elaine and her dear friend, Jane, put on a regal shower ... We feasted on top-notch food, wine, and exquisite cupcakes for dessert. Everyone introduced themselves and told their relationship to the soon-to-be bride and groom, and then the comfortably-seated 40+ folks in the room watched as this precious couple opened their gifts.

No longer in their twenties, this 30-something couple are in control of their direction. You can feel their devotion to each other. I think we all felt it.

Later, a gaggle of golfers lined up to hit golf balls across the pond, hoping to be the first to hit the dock. My friend, Tina, won that honor. When the air chilled, it was time for a bon-fire. Cigars for a few, cold beer, and side-breaking laughter rolled around the fire from each of us. Though most who lived a distance away left before dark, the rest stayed and shared memories, stories, and tales of yesteryear.

Uncle Gordon and Aunt Elaine have been surrogate parents to my children for many years. Aaron lives on their farm in the "extra" house. A large farmhouse behind the main house. Gordon raises Clydesdale horses on this gentleman's farm. Watching those magnificent beasts in the pasture at sunset brings a sigh of peace to your lips. Tranquil and inviting, this patch of land has been home to G&E and their two beautiful children for the past few decades. Their farm is the perfect spot for a shower, or a wedding, or a tractor ride.

It was a quick trip, but one of the best trips ever to Ohio. It was wonderful to see my sister and her two lovely girls, as well as meeting all of Annie's family. Michael, as usual, snapped tons of pictures. We enjoy ourselves with any trip to Grand Maples Farm. This was definitely another treasured memory. We now look forward to June and the storybook wedding. Between a conservative country boy who loves to hunt and a liberally dark-haired beauty, a doctor who said, "Yes. Yes, I'll marry you." No two people could be so different, yet so perfect together. You can see it, you can feel it.

Thank you, G&E, for all you've done. We all appreciate it more than you know. This shower rates as one of the best ever. A first-class event for a first-class couple.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Dena harris said...

I want to live on that farm. Beautiful!