Monday, May 26, 2008

Commentary on Memorial Day

My grandfather was a veteran. My father is a veteran. My husband is a veteran. My son is a veteran. All three of my uncles were veterans. My great uncles were veterans. My family has a long and dedicated history of service to this country. In fact, on my father's side, we have documented history of a very, very great grandfather who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Monday, May 25, 2008 article from the Associated Press states, "... Military veterans are being buried at such a rapid rate that national cemeteries use heavy equipment to make room. 'We're still in growth mode right now,' said Bill Tuerk, undersecretary for memorial affairs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 'We're in a very high-demand time period, and we're trying to respond to it.' An average of 1,800 veterans die each day, and 10 percent of them are buried in the country's 125 national cemeteries, which are expected to set a record with 107,000 interments, including dependents, this year. And more national cemeteries are being built ..."

Memorial Day is a sad day. Yes, we love our parades, fly our flags, and salute our veterans as they proudly march past. But for me, it's a day to mourn those fallen in battle. To pray for peace. And to really begin to ponder ... who do we want next to lead our nation?

As a woman, I'm thankful George's reign is just about over. As a woman, I want an end to this war and the tears of mothers and wives in this country. And as a woman, one day before I'm gone from this earth, I want to see a woman in the White House. A woman with sons.

Then, quite possibly, there may be fewer veterans to bury in our future.

God bless our veterans this Memorial Day.

... and you and yours, as well.

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