Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Day All Year Long

Every morning I get up and read my normal blogs, along with coffee in hand. And then I think ... I've got to blog more than once or twice a week. Though my once or twice a week is consistently that, I know I may attract more readers if I'm a daily blogger. It's often difficult, however, to find that much interesting stuff in my daily life/routines. Although my friend Dena, would disagree. Except Dena writes some great and funny stuff. Me? I tend to ramble on when blogging. Check it out.

Anyway, yesterday was Mommies Day. I wished Mike's mom a happy one, then my mom by way of telephone, my kids called ... all is well in the world. Just another Hallmark holiday. It's my opinion that every day should be Mom's Day. For every good thing a mother does during the course of her lifetime, think about it, who could ever repay her? We need to send mom a card or flowers or a good book just on a whim. In August. Or November. Who cares if it's not her birthday or Mother's Day? Do we really need a corporation like Hallmark or Walmart to tell us when to celebrate Mom? Or Dad, for that matter?

But we do it in May for those who forget. Actually, I plan to give my mother something very special in the near future, so all I sent was a card. She'll have to wait a couple months, and then we'll celebrate big time. My point is, you don't have to give your mom a thing on that May holiday. Maybe a phone call or a card, but presents are not the goal. Gifts from the heart come at the most surprising times. That makes the whole idea of "Mom" more special.

Love is free. You can give it to anybody at any time. We don't need Hallmark to do that.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Dena said...

Please. I blog about cat shenanigans and whether or not I threw up after a run. Whenever I read your blog I think, "I have GOT to improve my blog writing!" But I appreciate the compliment. See you Wednesday for our presentation!