Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Day Is This?

This past weekend is a blur. Friday we headed to Kentucky and the KYOWA 180 Writing Conference at the Greenup County Resort, in KY of course. Accommodating, the resort and grounds were storybook-beautiful. Much of the surrounding vegetation bloomed and blossomed, sending pollen and fragrance into the air. The lodge nestled itself into a hillside and every room had a view of the lake. Quiet, serene, one night of ... crack! Spring thunderstorms! The electric went off Friday evening ... long enough to shrug and say, "Might as well go to bed." But it was so dark, and so quiet, I had a quite a time getting to sleep.

Saturday, all was well and the sun came out. I sold books, spoke for an hour in the morning to a room full of romance writers, then headed to a quick meeting in Ohio. All in all ... another hurried weekend that's going to roll into another trip to Ohio this coming weekend. A couple's shower for my son and his fiance. In the meantime, I have an agent who wrote and requested chapters of Televenge, a meeting on Thursday, and final stories to read for the West Virginia Writers Contest.

It's no wonder we wake up one morning and ask our self ... "what day is this? May? I thought it was March!"

Blessings to you and yours.

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Lisa said...


I attended the Writer's Conference at Greenbo Lake Resort. I throughly enjoyed your talk, and have enjoyed Southern Fried Women as well. I look forward to your future work.