Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Piece Of Heaven

Driving down a country road, far from the sound of traffic, I could see the roof line in the distance. A distinct three chimneys, one on each end and a third, ramming itself through the center of the old house. 1888. That's when it was built. A relic. A piece of North Carolina history.

The front of the house faces the South, while the country road slides along the Western edge of the property. When you pull into the drive, you're on the North side of the house where a new crop of asparagus is peeking through their raised beds. A potter's shack nestles itself near the tiny, rich tomato and lettuce garden that hugs the gravel walkway to the entrance. And what an entrance ... tulips, a mixture of new flowers, wisteria winding itself up and over a white picket fence and an archway ... a rock garden that bids you welcome like a friendly dog with a wagging tail.

Greeted by a wide, covered back porch, comfy furniture bids you to take a seat before even knocking on the door. Once inside, the restored elegance of the place made me tear up. Several times. Six fireplaces, a side porch, a fireplace in the kitchen. I saw myself there, fixing an amazing dinner for family and friends. A large dining and living room lead into the magnificent master suite and office. A perfect office. The whole house smiled at me.

Full of glorious light! Surprising! Large windows let in the light in every room. No closed blinds! 2,000+ square feet of first floor living. Perfect.

Upstairs, two large bedrooms and a shared hall bath, completely updated ... just the ticket for guests. Speaking of the stairs, nice and wide for an old farm house, and open. The wood work, though painted, is original to the house. In fact, most of the walls and ceilings are as well. The wood floors, redone to a glossy-wood shine, reflect the mood of the place. A shiny, happy place. An old place. Just what we want.

Large closets, pantry, laundry room/half bath ... what more could one need? Except a beautiful new barn and two old, restored outbuildings. Nearly a two-acre spread in the middle of the most beautiful farm country God ever made. Quiet. Relaxing. Unique. A home looking for a new owner.

I'd love for it to be us. Who knows?

We'll see what blessings God bestows on two middle-aged wanna-be new home owners.

Say a prayer, wont you?

Blessings to you and yours.

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