Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writers! What Are You Willing To Do, And Where Do You Draw The Line?

It’s no secret. Vast changes occur daily in the publishing industry and award writers with options. Or do you look at it that way? I’m taking a survey, and asking writers:

Should you continue to jump through fiery hoops while submitting to agents, who may or may not read or answer your query for weeks or months, if at all?

Should writers spend chunks of writing time putting together the items listed below (or something like it) when the market is already saturated?

If editors were open to unsolicited manuscripts, are you confident you could obtain publication with a major house on your own?

If you are an un-agented writer, what are you willing to do to get noticed by a literary agent?

Is self-publishing your first choice, or your last resort?

Be honest. When it comes to literary agents, where do you draw the line?

Proposal Cover letter
One-page sell sheet, summarizing your manuscript
Story Synopsis
Market analysis
Competitive analysis
Marketing strategies
History of the manuscript
The first fifty pages

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