Friday, January 18, 2013

Vows To Last A Lifetime

Ten years ago TODAY, I married my best friend. A man of integrity, wisdom, and strength for the both of us. There's not a lot more to say, that I haven't already said about him on my blog and on Facebook. So, I'll just quote myself.

From the acknowledgements in Televenge ...

And last but never least, I want to thank Michael Cable. If it had not been for your unfailing love and unswerving patience there would be no Televenge. None of this could have been possible had you not picked me out of the miry clay many years ago and given me this whole new wonderful life. Your constant devotion made it possible for me to be a writer. Not once in over ten years did you complain of my endless hours of writing. Your uncompromising belief in me is mind-boggling, and your sacrifice epitomizes what it means to love me as Christ loves the church. Thank you for never allowing me to give up. With you, I found unconditional love and the true meaning of the word, husband. I’m grateful to be made from your rib, a man of extraordinary integrity, insight, and strength, the vessel through whom God has chosen to love me in ways I never thought possible. There are no words.

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