Thursday, November 17, 2011

Planning For Thanksgiving

The Aunts in the family have become the matriarchs. For years we have been gathering on the farm for our traditional Thanksgiving feast. Everyone spends the night and we eat from sundown on Thursday until sunup on Friday. Food, Football, and non-stop fun. It's quite a musical and talented family, and the festivities at the piano can roll on until bedtime. The week before, Auntie Elaine sends her traditional email. This year's email went as follows:

Hello, Family!

It's Thanksgiving Time!

So, I'm hearing all the girls will be here with husbands--WOW! Great! We're also looking forward to Aunt Teresa joining us this year. All in all, prepare for 19 or 20 people!!!! And just think, Lindy, with some stores opening at 10 pm, you may not even have to go to sleep before Black Friday begins! We're glad you're staying with us either way.

Here's the assignment list. I don't think there's any surprises--we've been doing this awhile!

Auntie Elaine and Uncle Gordon--turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cornAuntie

LaVonne--orange fluff jello, luscious salad

Melissa and Derek--pumpkin pie

Ashlie and Jeremy--rolls and butter

Lindy--cupcakes (!)

Aaron & Annie & Lily--green bean casserole

Jillian--sweet potato casserole

Auntie Pam and Mike--peach cobbler, peanut butter pie

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Meanwhile, we were trying to come up with a theme for this year's frivolities.

Two words: Show Tunes! That may mean something different to each of us, but I'm just warning you to be prepared! Personally, I'm an "Oklahoma" and "King and I" kind of gal. Then, there's "South Pacific", "Cats", "Annie Get Your Gun". . . uh-oh, better stop. See you all soon. Did I mention that I can't wait?


Auntie Elaine and Uncle Gordon

Blessings to you and yours as you plan your holidays this year.


Help4NewMoms said...

Oh, boy. You have got to share the recipe for that peanut butter pie! It sounds awesome.

Pamela King Cable said...

Ah, the peanut butter pie. It's a winner every time. I make it several times a year. It's so simple and easy to make and yet it gets devoured before everything else.

Here's the recipe:
Peanut Butter Pie
BLEND 1 pack of Philadelphia cream cheese at room temperature, 8 oz. cool whip, 1 cup confec. sugar, 1/3 peanut butter, ½ cup milk
Pour into Oreo cookie Keebler pie crust (the best)

Freeze in freezer

Take out of freezer 15 minutes before serving.

The best!